THE SINGING BUILDINGS PROJECT is a project I launched in 2021 seeking to connect my passion for Architecture, Music and Film. The project is an exploration into the relationships between spatial storytelling and musical performance through the medium of film. It is both a professional and creative interest, whereby I hope to start a cinematic dialogue between musical artists and significant architectural works. 
ARCHITECTURE is a performance of light, scale, material sequence, organization, and perspective. MUSIC is a performance of imaginative atmospheres and non tangible spatial conditions. When FILM is used to bring them together the non tangible becomes tangible, and the imaginary becomes manifested. 
SINGING BUILDINGS is a project born through a desire to allow two art forms to tell each other’s stories. The camera becomes the narrator of this story, allowing music to occupy a physical space, while static architectural elements become acoustically activated. At the center of this performance are the artists themselves, occupying a space that transcends their imagination and infiltrates ours. 
SINGING BUILDINGS is a new platform that seeks to celebrate the incredible talent of emerging artists and provide them with new means by which to perform. It will also allow buildings’ narratives to be told and experienced through the medium of music, a form of architectural exploration that may allow for a deeper understanding of space to be communicated to a broader audience. In this way, Architecture becomes the next frontier for the growth and development of emerging artists while pushing the boundaries of what it means to give a live performance.
The SINGING BUILDINGS PROJECT is an ongoing project. If you are an Architect, or an Artist, and would like to feature your project or your piece of music, please contact me via the contact link on the website. 
THE SINGING BUILDINGS project can be found below.