Photo by James Rudman 

Zain Elwakil is a New York City based Architectural Designer, Filmmaker, and Photographer, receiving his Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) from Syracuse University's School of Architecture in May of 2021. Zain's passion lies in cross disciplinary collaboration with a specific interest in Architecture, Music, and Film. His body of work includes architectural design (residential, commercial, sports, hospitality, aviation), live music videography and production, portrait and landscape photography, real estate videography, digital storytelling, and event curation/film production. He has worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from architects and interior designers, the School of Architecture at Syracuse University, musical artists, and real estate agencies.

Zain is the Founder and Executive Producer of The Singing Buildings Project, an ongoing project that seeks to put Architects and Musicians in artistic dialogue. Zain believes strongly in the potential for Architectural space and Musical performance to interact in ways that empower both young designers and up and coming artists. His unique experience, training in architecture, and musical background allow him to perceive and film space in a way that unifies the nuances of architectural design and power of live musical performance through the medium of film.
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