Danial Khan - Creative Spotlight

Creative Spotlight Film Series - Syracuse University Blackstone LaunchPad: Danial Khan
This film was produced, directed, and shot by Zain Elwakil for the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University, with accompanying footage by James Rudman. Zain received a grant in order to produce this film series for the 2020-2021 academic year. Danial Khan was the second subject in the series. He is a filmmaker, and multi-media artist, and speaks with us about the development of his style, his entrepreneurial journey, and tells us more about the story that led up to him shooting a recap video for big time artist LOGIC during his 2019 tour. The series seeks to allow creative entrepreneurs to tell their stories, while highlighting the unique talent and art that they produce. The Creative Spotlight documentary seeks to allow the vision and story behind the artist come through, letting us see not only what their art is, but who they are as people as well. Danial opens up about his thought process, and his relationship to his own art and varying interests as he develops his creative career. 
More on this project can be found here. Danial Khan's work can be found here.
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