In Collaboration with: Kalani Mah
Completed in: Syracuse Architecture, Design Studio Fall 2018
Faculty Instructor: Daekwon Park
Project Brief: “Long Island City Housing" attempts to rewrite the narrative of a neglected waterfront in Long Island City, Queens. Situated on a lot along the east river, the housing complex features a neighborhood preschool, and fitness center. Completed as as part of the "Timber in the City" competition, the project is made entirely from timber. The modular structure allowed for the generation of varying apartment sizes, that each focused on providing a unique and private view of the river. The orientation of the apartments was also influenced by the project's proximity to the 59th street bridge. Four different housing unit types were developed, and organized by floor. Studios to 3 bedroom units were designed, some of which were double story, influencing the way the façade of the project manifested these particular units. Depending on the angles from which the façade is seen, the privacy of the units is maintained, while creating small balcony moments as well. 
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