Completed in: Syracuse Architecture, Design Studio Spring 2017
Faculty Instructor: Ryan Ball
Project Brief: “Urban Intervention" is a project seeking to be a moderator between two different scales of urban architecture. Located on the periphery of Albany's administrative center, it seeks to connect the residential scale to that of the governmental infrastructure. In doing such it becomes not only a pivotal program to drive people to and from the plinth on which the administrative building sits, but also a connective corridor to allow walkability to return to an otherwise completely out of scale pedestrian infrastructure. 
The strategy was to insert between the two scales a mediating apparatus that provided not only multiple means of access, but also the potential to explore a varying program. The use of section was a primary driving force for the project, as the plinth has both above and below grade access. These multiple points of access are initiated in the center of the project, making the transition of scale smoother and more pedestrian friendly. 
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